How to Choose the Best Inventory Management Software for Your Pharmacy

Not all inventory management systems are the same. Some are too slow; others don’t have all the features you need to manage stock control processes properly. If you own a pharmacy, choosing the right inventory management system is imperative. With the wrong software, you can’t optimize inventory control efficiently, which could result in confused employees and disgruntled patients. Here are some tips I have compiled to help you find the perfect inventory management tool for your business.

1. Know Which Features You Want

Did you know that 46 percent of small and medium businesses use old inventory management processes? Don’t be part of this statistic. Invest in good inventory management software to track stock levels, orders, deliveries, sales, and returns — your employees and customers will thank you for it!

The first step to choosing the right inventory management tool is to write down a list of all the features you want from a program like this. For example, do you need to organize your storage room space? Increase efficiency? Reduce costs? All of the above? Different programs come with various features, so know what you are looking for before you shop around.

OrderInsite is inventory management software that lets you manage every aspect of the supply chain, from receiving medications to fulfilling prescriptions for patients. You can store data in the cloud, which allows you to access information wherever you are in the world. What’s more, you can incorporate the program into your existing systems. No hassle, no fuss — just software you can trust.

2. Think About Who Will Be Using the System

This one is really important. You will want all of your staff to feel comfortable with the inventory management software you end up using. Programs that are too complicated or come with unnecessary features will only lead to confusion. This can have a dangerous knock-on effect. When employees are unable to use inventory management programs properly, it can lead to longer wait times for patients, who, in turn, might take their business elsewhere.

OrderInsite provides you with a solution to this problem. The program is easy to use, so all of your staff can manage stock levels and improve customer service without the stress. No longer will they need to tally up medications and products at the end of the day and enter stock control information into your system. OrderInsite automates the entire process so that employees can concentrate on other essential tasks.

3. Choose Software That Provides You with In-Depth Analytics

The best inventory management systems do not just automate stock control but provide you with in-depth insights into your pharmaceutical business. You can find out about low stock levels ahead of time and discover the most popular on-the-shelf and over-the-counter products. Moreover, you can predict future purchasing trends and make important decisions about your pharmacy.

OrderInsite provides you with a 360-degree view of your pharmaceutical stock. You can access the latest reports in one place, without having to use several programs. Plus, you get accurate business intelligence about inventory management for suppliers, partners, government compliance reports and internal and external audits.

Looking for an inventory management system that generates a return on your investment? Look no further than OrderInsite — an innovative solution to pharmacy replenishment. Click here to find out more.

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